I can’t decide if I’m terrified of these things or impatiently waiting for them.

The concept of the self driving car is awesome. Eventually they will be safer and they will make road trips way more bearable. But we will need to be incredibly thoughtful when designing a system of self driving cars. You can’t have some sort of large scale hack giving away control of a large number of cars.

Some great quotes from the people who made a holiday classic. I love this nugget…

For the dog and squirrel chase, we hired an animal trainer who trained them everyday for months to run through the set. When it came time to finally shoot what we’ve been planning, I got out of my car and saw everyone standing in a huddle shaking their heads and I knew something was terribly wrong. I asked them what was going on and they said, “We have a problem.” Okay, what? “The squirrel’s dead.” I said, “Holy fuck, we’re shooting that today!” And the animal trainer turned and said, “Ya know, they don’t live that long.” We still had to shoot the scene, so we used an untrained squirrel. It was just total chaos.

Outrage—especially when coupled with a false sense of urgency and injustice—leads us away from the nuances of particular situations, away from actually having to weigh all sides of the argument, away from the humanity of the so-called opposition.

More fantastic insight and writing from J.D. Bentley.

College Playoff Round 2

In Round 1 of my college football playoff(s), Georgia Southern produced a couple major upsets.

In Round 2 there were wildly different results between the 12-Team and 16-Team playoffs. In our 12-Team playoff, there’s something mostly resembling the committee’s selected final four, with Michigan State replacing Oregon. In the 16-Team playoff, Ohio State is the only final four team that made the committee’s list.

Let’s look at the brackets…


12 Team


16 Team

The next round is where things will get a little less accurate, as the simulator doesn’t allow for neutral site games. But this is for fun not accuracy, so I’ll just assume the games are closer to the higher seed and make them the home team.

Note, the playoff takes a holiday break until new years. So I’ll simulate the semifinals on the same day as the actual semifinals

Oil and Coffee

I saw a coffee with coconut oil recipe in a recent tipsaholic post, and I’d heard of Bulletproof Coffee on Back to Work not too long ago.

When something like that crosses my path a few times, I figure it might be worth a try. So this morning I put a tablespoon of coconut oil in with my milk as I steamed it to go in my coffee.

The result? Delicious. I can’t speak much for the health benefits, but I enjoyed the coffee. I definitely felt pretty full this morning, but any immediately benefits I felt can probably be attributed to the placebo effect.

Unfortunately, I feel like crap tonight but I think that’s me getting sick rather than the coconut oil. I’m going to keep trying this in my coffee and see if I notice any significant changes.

People are stuck inside the giant spider web that is the consumer society, which is built upon the idea of accumulating stuff, and they don’t even realize it. But let’s go to the beginning. When you buy something, make no mistake, the money is an instrument that you’re using to pay for it. But what you’re actually paying with is the time of your life that you had to spend in order to earn that money. So whenever you spend on something, what you’re really giving away is time, the time of your life.

This guy is fantastic. Exactly what government representatives should be.

In this piece, which almost feels like several pieces, Álvaro Serrano talks about the resource of time, geeks and their toys, the two week test, and buying stuff that lasts. Absolutely worth spending some time on.

Andy Baio had his son play through twenty five years of video game history in about four years. Just fantastic. My favorite bit…

Eliot’s early exposure to games with limited graphics inoculated him from the flashy, hyper-realistic graphics found in today’s AAA games. He can appreciate retro graphics on its own terms, and focus on the gameplay.

My hope is that this experiment instilled a life-long appreciation for smaller, weirder, more intimate games in him.

I’m worried that my child won’t understand how simple and yet how difficult games used to be before they were so… realistic. There’s something so magical about a game where you can see the pixels.

Georgia Southern has it’s day

Just for fun, I thought I would go through and simulate my playoffs as they would happen. I’m using this fun little tool to simulate all of the games. I thought about simulating them multiple times to get a more accurate look at how the game would go, but what is college sports without the fun of how random it can be.

Up this week, we have round 1 of my two playoff versions. Let’s look at what happened…

12 Team

12 Team

The 12 team bracket ended up with mostly chalk, but Georgia Southern pulled off a huge upset of Baylor in double OT.

16 Team

16 Team

The 16 team bracket also saw Georgia Southern pulling off an overtime upset, this time against #1 Alabama. I like this playoff idea a little more every day.

It seems ridiculous that reviewing a bunch of headphones would bring this degree of controversy, but that wasn’t really the cause. I often speak and write with arrogance, absolutes, and generalizations that I don’t intend, and often don’t even realize I’ve done unless someone points it out. It’s probably the biggest flaw in my writing and personality, and while I’ve been trying to write (and think) with more qualifiers, fewer absolutes, and more consideration and inclusion of other viewpoints, I still have a long way to go.

I’ve had this sitting in my queue for a while, but this is some fantastic and real self evaluation. I will fully admit to being annoyed my Marco’s ‘arrogance’ and ‘absolutes’ frequently. Despite the fact that we surely disagree on many things, I’ve always respected him and this just makes me respect him way more.

We (myself as much as anyone) could all use more open, honest looks at ourselves. And we would do well to share what we see with the people around us, because they’ve likely seen it and been affected by it.