Preeeeeesenting, my 12 team college football playoff. Here are the basic rules...

  • All conference champs get an automatic bid, there are 10 of those so 2 teams get at-large spots
  • First two rounds are mostly on the campus of the higher seeded team
  • The exception to that being that at-large teams have to play on the road
  • The final four is done just how it is currently, with bowl sites hosting the games

In addition to those rules, since conference champions automatically get in, my selection puts a HUGE emphasis on who you scheduled outside your conference, and tries not to penalize too heavily for a conference championship game loss.

That's why I put Alabama and Miami in. Alabama beat a #3 ranked FSU team with it's star QB and a Fresno State team that almost won it's conference. Miami beat Notre Dame and Toledo, another conference champion.

The seeding was done with a combination of the CFP rankings and Sagarin's computer because some teams weren't in the CFP rankings.