Last year I presented my idea for a better playoff. I've tweaked it a little this year to add a 14 team option instead of 16 team. Basically it's 4 rounds, conferences champions all get automatic bids, with a couple of at-large teams.

Conference Champions

First things first, let’s look at who is getting the automatic bids into our tournament.

Big XIIOklahoma
Big TenMichigan State
Conference USAWestern Kentucky
MACBowling Green
Mountain WestSan Diego State
Pac 12Stanford
Sun BeltArkansas State

At Large Spots

So we’ve got 10 conference champions that leaves us 2 or 4 at large spots, depending on the playoff format.

I'm not even going to bother trying to make my own rankings here. The playoff committee goes deep enough to use their rankings to determine who makes the playoff. Adding a couple of extra teams here so you can see who just misses out on making the playoff.

  1. Iowa
  2. Ohio State
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Florida State
  5. North Carolina
  6. TCU

Ranking the Field

So that gives us our field of 12 to 14 teams. Mostly based on CFP rankings, and doing it myself for some of the lower seeded teams.

14 Team12 Team
1. Clemson1. Clemson
2. Alabama2. Alabama
3. Michigan State3. Michigan State
4. Oklahoma4. Oklahoma
5. Iowa5. Iowa
6. Stanford6. Stanford
7. Ohio State7. Ohio State
8. Notre Dame8. Houston
9. Florida State9. Bowling Green
10. Houston10. San Diego State
11. Bowling Green11. Western Kentucky
12. San Diego State12. Arkansas State
13. Western Kentucky
14. Arkansas State

The Brackets

14 Team

12 Team