I've long wanted to do more with this blog. Having it on Tumblr has been fun, but it hasn't given me the control over my site and data like I want. It also hasn't lent itself to really writing.

So I've hit the reset button. I wanted to import all of my Tumblr posts here, but the value I would get out of having old posts wasn't worth the time I'd have to invest to write up the scripts I needed.

I've built my site using the static site generator hexo. I looked at a couple of options, including Jekyll and Wintersmith. But hexo gave me the node javascript environment I was looking for with easy deployment to Github pages. It also has a nice plugin framework should I ever need it.

Now I can write in whatever environment feels comfortable, save the markdown file to the proper Dropbox folder, and deploy to the site. I'm hoping this will spur me to write more. About tech. About life. About the things I'm working on. I hope to expand the site to have some places to share the writers I'm reading, the tools I'm using, and more.

All feedback is welcome to my many social networking accounts or, via email, at imchrisbrakebill AT icloud DOT com.