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4 days ago Status

iCloud Photo Library is an absolutely maddening feature. The optimize storage setting seems to be totally useless. I'm sure it does something, but nothing that's particularly useful for a user. My iPad has 30 GB of space occupied by photos at the moment and other apps are telling me storage is full. There's no way for me to empty that cache.

In these situations I usually find the only option is to deactivate it and pray that doesn't break anything. Not particularly user friendly...

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I have terrible memories about the time the Magic almost got Tim Duncan, Grant Hill, and Tracy McGrady on the same team.

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How 2 year olds make you feel

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I suspect this is the legacy of the HomePod. Seems like a truly great speaker, which I think is what Apple’s focus was. But if that’s the case, not including any sort of hardware input was a mistake in my opinion

8 days ago Status

Finally turned off Face ID for iPhone unlock. I can type my passcode faster on average than waiting for the 50-50 shot Face ID recognizes me