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Preeeeeesenting, my 12 team college football playoff. Here are the basic rules...

  • All conference champs get an automatic bid, there are 10 of those so 2 teams get at-large spots
  • First two rounds are mostly on the campus of the higher seeded team
  • The exception to that being that at-large teams have to play on the road
  • The final four is done just how it is currently, with bowl sites hosting the games

In addition to those rules, since conference champions automatically get in, my selection puts a HUGE emphasis on who you scheduled outside your conference, and tries not to penalize too heavily for a conference championship game loss.

That's why I put Alabama and Miami in. Alabama beat a #3 ranked FSU team with it's star QB and a Fresno State team that almost won it's conference. Miami beat Notre Dame and Toledo, another conference champion.

The seeding was done with a combination of the CFP rankings and Sagarin's computer because some teams weren't in the CFP rankings.


When Apple announced the new phones, I was positive I was going to wait and get an iPhone X. But then my wife's iPhone 8 Plus arrived and gosh that camera. And then rumors about bad supply for the iPhone X continued to bubble up. Finally I caved and ran over to the Apple Store to grab an 8 Plus.

Annnnd it took me less than 48 hours to remember that the Plus phones are just too big for me. I hate trying to hold those things. So yesterday I returned it and I will wait it out for an iPhone X.

Sadly since I was on the Apple Upgrade Program, I'm now without a modern iPhone. I'm rolling with an old iPhone 5C and oh my gosh this thing feels great in my hand, but also oh my gosh it's SO SLOW.

Our second daughter, Eleanor June was born monday (Sept. 11) afternoon right as the remnants of hurricane Irma made their way into Knoxville. Lauren was an absolute boss in delivering her. I'm continually overwhelmed by the power of a woman's body to bring life into the world. Say hello Eleanor!


Thanks to Carrie Jo for always being there to capture the big moments in our lives! LOVE YOU!

I am a big fan of taking small, daily steps in the direction where your energy takes you

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