In Round 1 of my college football playoff(s), Georgia Southern produced a couple major upsets.

In Round 2 there were wildly different results between the 12-Team and 16-Team playoffs. In our 12-Team playoff, there’s something mostly resembling the committee’s selected final four, with Michigan State replacing Oregon. In the 16-Team playoff, Ohio State is the only final four team that made the committee’s list.

Let’s look at the brackets...

### 12-Team ![12 Team](/images/12_team_round2.png)
### 16-Team ![16 Team](/images/16_team_round2.png)

The next round is where things will get a little less accurate, as the simulator doesn’t allow for neutral site games. But this is for fun not accuracy, so I’ll just assume the games are closer to the higher seed and make them the home team.

Note, the playoff takes a holiday break until new years. So I’ll simulate the semifinals on the same day as the actual semifinals