For years, I have preached the same message to successful products of the NFL’s farm system: Leave as quickly as you can if there’s a living to be made or even if you’re on the cusp of making one. Playing football for the price of a degree is not a worthwhile trade.

So much truth in here. I’ve spent too much time thinking oh this or that guy could have improved their draft stock by staying in school. But it’s crap. Many of these guys are tremendously under compensated for their skills and sacrifice. Once your skills are at all desired in the NFL, I say go and finish that degree later.

Honestly I’m just glad to see that more players are starting to say no to the millions of dollars to focus on life outside of football. Get what you can get. Quit while you’re ahead. Budget wisely. Don’t destroy the rest of your life for a few more years in the spotlight making millions.