And so, why not put together a small notebook that contains highlights and summaries from the books, speeches, articles, sermons, teachings, and other things which have most shaped us? Our own Core Curriculum.

Great stuff from Shawn Blanc. I’m thinking on this as I debate what to do with my journal once I’m done with the 31 day prompt list I’m following from Art of Manliness.

I think what I want to do is in the vein of Shawn’s Core Curriculum. I want to compile a fairly small list of questions that inspect the various important areas of my life. What did you learn about marriage today? How did you experience God? What inspired your work? In the future, what did you learn about fatherhood? How did you fail or succeed financially?

I’d like a list of maybe 10 or so questions to choose from. And each day I’ll pick one from the list. Whatever question lines up with an experience I had. I need to make sure I word the questions so that they’re scoped well and feel answerable.

Definitely going to stew on this through the end of January...