I’m pretty convinced Face ID is actually worse than Touch ID for me. There are moments, like forms on the web, where it feels fast and magical. But there are so many situations I have to use a passcode where I didn’t before.

There's also a lot of confusion for me when it fails, what to do next. Sometimes it tries again and sometimes it seems like it doesn't. I frequently can't tell and I just sit there staring at my phone.

Portrait mode is nice, but I don't use it much. The big screen is nice, but not life changing. The swipe up gesture isn't bad, but there's no doubt the hardware home button is nicer.

There's a lot that's great about this phone. But I think it would be better off with a chin and a button. If I could trade it back into Apple and get an iPhone 8 and a little money back, I would happily do so.