You may notice this site looking a little different. That's because I recently switched the backend to a self-hosted install of Ghost.

Previously this site was build by my own Grunt process that parsed through some markdown folders, handlebars templates, and less files and built a static site. It's fairly trivial, but deploys were still full of small bits of friction. Just enough to deter me from writing. Letting go of that process was difficult because I'm a tinkerer and I considered that work an expression of myself as a web developer. Or some bullshit like that.

But I'd been thinking about this site and how stale it's grown this year, and I decided I wanted to focus my time on this site to whatever thoughts I have to share. I spend enough time hacking and building things. I want this to be a different outlet. Ghost gives me the ability to focus on writing. So hopefully I can do just a little bit more of that.

I did consider alternatives, mostly Medium and Svtble. Medium is another free web service. I just don't trust free web services. I tried to let that go and accept the ephemeral nature of free web services but I couldn't. Svtble is nice, but the design doesn't seem to have aged as well as I'd hoped. I liked that both of those services would relieve me of the temptation to dig into internals and tinker, but I'm hoping Ghost will be good enough to keep me from doing that.

Anyways, I'm on Ghost. So hopefully I will write some more. But probably not.