I wanted to take a quick peek at how I'm doing on my goals so far this year...

1. Read 15 Books
Ooof. This one is going to be tough but I'm sticking to it. I've really gotten bogged down in Dance With Dragons. I think I'm gonna set a micro goal to read at least 30 pages a day this month.

2. Run 2 5Ks
No explicit progress here, but I'm feeling good about this one. I've been running several times a week fairly consistently since I got my Apple Watch. I'm shooting to maybe run my first 5K during the weekend of the Knoxville Marathon in April.

3. Play Basketball or Tennis once each month
No good here. I gave myself a pass in January since I set my goals up near the end of the month. But I didn't do this in January. I really need to find a good place in Knoxville to shoot some hoops.

4. Go Camping Once
Haven't done it yet. But I have faith this will happen. The weather is starting to warm up and I'm wanting to be outside more.

5. Read 500 Chapters of the Bible
The fact that I actually feel like I've made progress on this in the past few days is really convicting. I've read a few chapters per day, and I decided to just make my way through the New Testament and see where the Spirit moves me. I'm in the double digits and that's an improvement and that's the point of setting explicit goals!

6. Write on my blog twice a month
If you're on the home page of my blog you'll see that the goals post is right below this one, so poor form here. But this is a first post in March so, again, progress.

7. Create a garden with at least 5 herbs and vegetables
I haven't done much on this front, but that's partly because our move keeps getting pushed back. Our closing date is March 17th, so hopefully some strides will be made towards this next month.

8. Attend some kind of tech meet up every month
Again, a failure for February. I'm hoping to get to the Knoxville Cocoaheads meeting this month.

So, in summary, not great. But that's okay. If I do a better job in March than I did in February I will simply be satisfied with improvement.