It seems ridiculous that reviewing a bunch of headphones would bring this degree of controversy, but that wasn’t really the cause. I often speak and write with arrogance, absolutes, and generalizations that I don’t intend, and often don’t even realize I’ve done unless someone points it out. It’s probably the biggest flaw in my writing and personality, and while I’ve been trying to write (and think) with more qualifiers, fewer absolutes, and more consideration and inclusion of other viewpoints, I still have a long way to go.

I’ve had this sitting in my queue for a while, but this is some fantastic and real self evaluation. I will fully admit to being annoyed my Marco’s ‘arrogance’ and ‘absolutes’ frequently. Despite the fact that we surely disagree on many things, I’ve always respected him and this just makes me respect him way more.

We (myself as much as anyone) could all use more open, honest looks at ourselves. And we would do well to share what we see with the people around us, because they’ve likely seen it and been affected by it.