At the beginning of last year, I set out my list of goals for the year. Now it's time to evaluate them.

Less watching, more doing

In my mind, this is one of my bigger fails of the year. Lauren and I still have the default move once Charlie is put to bed to say "what are we watching?" Occasionally we do some work or writing. But 95% of the time it seems like we're sitting down to watch TV. It's tough because I love TV and movies, but I think we can strike a better balance here.

Settle my soul

We've definitely made progress on this one. We're very close to buying a home and moving. Still have to make sure all the financials get taken care of, but I'm very excited about it. As far as I can tell we will be living in the same city for many years to come.

Take care of my body

This is another pretty big fail. In the exercise area at least. Had a gym membership and didn't go all year 😅. I did run a 5K this summer, so that's something. I do think my eating was much more healthy and adventurous this year thanks to Cooksmarts


This one was pretty vague so I don't know really how to define success or failure. I would more just call it a constant struggle. I'm always trying to keep things organized and attack small messes before they become big ones. But with a toddler running around making messes like crazy, it's hard to be mindful.

Grow my own food

I'd call this a very minor success. We had some solid mint, green onion, and basil plants growing. We lost the basil when fall/winter came, no surprise. The green onion survived until just recently. And the mint is still thriving! It's not a bad start, but I hope to expand on it in the new home.

Seek God

Ugh. Another fail. I'm not even sure how to process this. We did join a church and have a community group, so I feel like that's an aspect I'm a little happier with. But my personal spiritual group and my leadership in our home has been pretty stagnant. This will definitely be something to pursue in 2017.

Release Outshape

I DID IT. It's been far from a success, but I made a thing and put it on the App Store and I'm proud of that. The feedback from people who play it has been great. And anytime someone calls it beautiful that makes me feel the best (because I probably spent way too much time freaking out over the aesthetics of it).

Start a podcast

No luck here. I'm bummed out about this.

Deepen relationships

I've been struggling with this all year. My dissatisfaction with my relationships with almost everyone in my life. Yet my personality's desire to hide and shut people off. I failed here, no doubt.

Take up less space

I think we're doing okay here. Our recycling bin fills up much faster than our trash. Our compost pile has taken on a lot of the food waste we generate. I'm still trying to keep the amount of crap in our house to a minimum. Which is another very difficult thing to do with a toddler. I look forward to a good purge when we move.

Looking back, I think my goals were a little bit too vague for my own good. They weren't specific enough to be achievable, and without that it's hard for them to stick. As I look to this year I plan to set my goals a little bit differently. More on that soon...