Earlier this week, I shared my full list of feeds and podcasts I read and listen to. I wanted to take a few minutes to share my five favorites in each category. I’m sure by the end of the year these five favorites will look completely different

Favorite Feeds

Daring Fireball
John Gruber is one of the better writers out there. His writing tends to be complementary of Apple, but that’s almost completely because he believes Apple products are superior products. He’s pretty smart, for a Cowboys fan.

Some of the best home design out there. Their style leans strongly in the direction of mine, so I see a lot of stuff I love.

Sports and culture collide into something fantastic. I particularly love anything Holly Anderson and Brian Phillips write.

The Cramped
A website about 'analog writing’? Seems a bit absurd, but it is fantastic. As someone who has taken more to writing by hand, I love reading about other people’s tools and tactics for better writing.

J.D. Bentley
‘Writings on southern tradition, culture, and bourbon’. The bourbon bit seems, unfortunately, a bit dishonest, but the rest is fantastic. Some of the most thoughtful writing on the internet. He’s somewhat intermittent with posts, but when he does write expect a busy week of reading.

Favorite Podcasts

Back to Work
I’m forcing myself to only pick one Merlin Mann podcast. Unfortunately for Roderick on the Line, I enjoy Dan Benjamin just a little more than John Roderick. Well today at least. Quality, hilarious, thoughtful talk about so many things in our daily lives. With occasional, long tangents about comics.

Rather than talking about tech specifically, Casey Liss and Myke Hurley talk about how tech affects our lives. A lot of real stuff here. I love it.

The Moment with Brian Koppelman
Some of the best interviews with the most interesting people. Brian Koppelman focuses on a moment in people’s lives that lead them to success. But really he gets so much of their lives beyond that moment and it’s fantastic.

Just the Tip
More of the Gruber family in here. I think this is the funniest podcast on the inter webs.

Judge John Hodgman
John Hodgman, also known as the PC from the Apple Mac vs PC commercials, hears the cases of listeners with grievances against each other. Recent cases include debates over Wheel of Time, pizza toppings, and hanging sports team flags. This is one of about five podcasts my wife and I both listen to.