Last month I made a major-ish change to my diet. I started eating a health sludge called Soylent. I know. But guys hear me out. I'm not eating (drinking? slurping?) Soylent because I don't have time to eat real food. I'm doing it as a defense against myself. You see, I'm a monster. Around lunchtime, I look something like this

Seriously, I'm pretty confident I could exist on a diet of cheese and carbs alone. Basically I want to eat shit (not literally of course) and my lazyness at lunch time makes it super easy.

Enter Soylent. For me it is simply an easy and affordable way to eat health_ier_ lunch and breakfast. Instead of Captain crunch, grilled cheese, and barbecue chips, I'm eating a mostly balanced "meal".

The results so far have been mostly positive. I wouldn't say I feel better, but I definitely don't feel worse. Occasionally I feel a bit weak, but I think that's mostly because I'm not drinking enough.

Hopefully one day in the near future I'll be mature and patient enough to eat a balanced meal of fresh healthy product. Until then, I'll happily drink my health sludge with some blended fruit.

Interestingly, Lauren and I were talking about doing Whole30 sometime soon and I agreed to do it only if I could continue eating Soylent at lunch and breakfast. I'm super excited about this because I'll basically be combining two diets with completely different philosophies on nutrition. My body will either explode, become supercharged... or probably just keep puttering along and slowly breaking down.