Just got home from seeing Rogue One and I'm just so excited. That was probably my favorite Star Wars movie. I had incredibly high hopes for it and it delivered. Just a few thoughts while steering clear of spoilers.

  • The character development they gave Cassian was what I so badly hoped they would give Finn in The Force Awakens. He was a flawed character with blood on his hands and you could see he was struggling with it. I know that's how they wanted us to see Finn, but they didn't show it. So it just didn't land like it did for Cassian.

  • I did not like the use of CGI people to try to match old characters. Just find similar looking actors or don't use the characters. The CGI was impressive but incredibly distracting.

  • Just ditch the Darth Vader scene in the middle. Too much unneeded exposition and UGH THAT PUN.

  • The last 15 minutes was fantastic. I wasn't super interested in trying too hard to connect this film to the original trilogy, but I mostly loved the way they handled it.

  • K2-SO 👍👍👍

I loved it. Was on the verge of tears a few times. I laughed a lot. Enjoyed some incredible action. It felt like a Star Wars movie but also felt incredibly unique. I felt immersed in the universe. I can't wait to see it again and I definitely recommend it.