Yesterday Lauren and I started Whole 30. Okay Lauren is doing it for real and I'm cheating slightly by allowing myself to have Soylent for lunch and/or breakfast. It's cheating, but I still think it's within the spirit of Whole 30 which includes a lot of examining your relationship with food.

Anyways we're two days in and it's mostly been an easy two days. My breakfast and lunch hasn't changed much. Our dinner required some tweaks, but Cooksmarts includes a paleo option which gets the recipe very close to Whole 30. Just had to replace honey with fruit juice.

The biggest challenge so far is morning coffee. Normally I have something resembling a latte I make at home. I've tried steaming coconut "beverage" from Trader Joe's and the results with that were pretty watery. Lauren got me some proper coconut milk to try and it steams up much nicer and much thicker. I'm interested to see how it works tomorrow once it's been properly refrigerated.