Unfortunately it’s hard to call my attempt at NaNoWriMo anything but a failure. I wrote about 6 super short chapters of my “novel” and inertia plus the holidays stopped me in my tracks.

The biggest problem I found each day was my fear before even getting started. I felt like I had already written a bunch of shit and all I could muster up was more of it. I also had this crippling fear of writing myself into a corner. Sticking myself in a position where my story was screwed. The point of NaNoWriMo is to power through this and if you don’t like your plot at the end, you can edit it. But I couldn’t fight off the fear that I was going to write something dumb (this not doing something for the fear that I’ll do it poorly is an all too common story in my life).

I’m thinking about keeping the writing going throughout the year and maybe trying to add to the novel once a week. Nothing to ambitious. Just consistently sticking to the habit, if for nothing else but the habit’s sake.