Just over a year ago I was this close to accepting a great job offer from a well known local company. I was honestly pretty excited about it. Then I got an unexpected call about a possible job working with a bunch of crazy Canadians on the west coast. Wait wut?

A day later I'd passed on that first great job offer to accept something I felt was even better. That call was from Tim Wilkinson and he wanted me to work at MetaLab - a company I'd long admired for their fantastic commitment to design.

Pretty fitting that on the anniversary of my first day at MetaLab (that's today yall), Tim's brother Andrew writes about lazy leadership. The culture that has been created at MetaLab is what convinced me to choose it over the other job. It got me to take a little less money and fewer benefits to work on projects that excited me. It gave me the courage to push through the questions from friends and family about why I'd pass on a company they knew to take a job at some small company across the continent in another country. And I haven't regretted it for a single day.

MetaLab has pushed me to learn new things and become more self motivated. The people here keep pushing me to grow and find my voice. I'm amazed and how freaking smart and talented the people here are, yet how unafraid they are to admit how much they don't know.

It's been a pretty amazing year. I mean I became a dad which is both awesome and terrifying. I can't imagine working somewhere that is more supportive of having a family. Like... constantly supportive. It's almost annoying how great they are. I'm assuming that tomorrow I'll wake up and realize it's just a dream.

All that to say, I'm incredibly humbled and grateful that I get to work here. I can't wait to see what the next year brings for me and for MetaLab. (If you're looking for an awesome place to work, check us out)