Time for the second weekend of my super duper college football playoff.

The 12 team playoff saw maybe the biggest upset of the fake playoff era with Temple knocking off Bama in Tuscaloosa. While the 14 team playoff ended up with the exact same final four we have this year. Weird that the 12 team playoff has been full of upsets while the 14 team has been all chalk Β―\(ツ)/Β―

12 Team

14 Team

Just got home from seeing Rogue One and I'm just so excited. That was probably my favorite Star Wars movie. I had incredibly high hopes for it and it delivered. Just a few thoughts while steering clear of spoilers.

  • The character development they gave Cassian was what I so badly hoped they would give Finn in The Force Awakens. He was a flawed character with blood on his hands and you could see he was struggling with it. I know that's how they wanted us to see Finn, but they didn't show it. So it just didn't land like it did for Cassian.

  • I did not like the use of CGI people to try to match old characters. Just find similar looking actors or don't use the characters. The CGI was impressive but incredibly distracting.

  • Just ditch the Darth Vader scene in the middle. Too much unneeded exposition and UGH THAT PUN.

  • The last 15 minutes was fantastic. I wasn't super interested in trying too hard to connect this film to the original trilogy, but I mostly loved the way they handled it.

  • K2-SO πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I loved it. Was on the verge of tears a few times. I laughed a lot. Enjoyed some incredible action. It felt like a Star Wars movie but also felt incredibly unique. I felt immersed in the universe. I can't wait to see it again and I definitely recommend it.

Just like previous years, I thought I'd simulate the playoff round by round to see what it might look like. I'm using this website to simulate the games.

12 Team

12 Team

The upsets abound in the first round of the 12 team playoff with 3 of the 4 lower seed teams winning. This is the sort of result that makes the playoff exciting to me. Can a team like Appalachian State or Wyoming make a run and beat some top teams.

14 Team

14 Team All chalk here. But on the bright side we get some really nice matchups; an Oklahoma-Clemson rematch from last years playoff and the Washington-Penn State play in game everyone would love to see this year.

Man I just had a total dad brain this evening.

Tennessee played at North Carolina in basketball tonight. I've been thinking about this game all week. I mean I had no expectation we'd beat a top 10 team on the road, but it's still a big game to get excited about.

Anyways, we came home from a great time hanging out with some friends and Charlie and I were home alone. And I completely forgot about the game. I didn't think about it once today. That was partly because I was enjoying some Secret Hitler with some of my favorite people. But it's also because I got home and was stuck in some depression about how unsatisfied I am with those friendships and how little time I get to enjoy them (which is a shitty thing to feel when you're spending time with your daughter).

All this to say, parenting changes the way your brain works. It's freaking hard. It's fun and joyous, but it's hard. Particularly when you're a selfish human like I am. A couple of years ago I would have obsessed about being able to watch this game in its entirety. To the point of it being annoying. Today, I completely forgot about it.

E.J. Dionne, Jr. for the Washington Post:

The same must be true of Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chair whom Trump tapped as his chief of staff. β€œWhen that 3 a.m. phone call comes, Americans deserve to have a president on the line who is not compromised by foreign donations,” Priebus said earnestly in a statement on Aug. 18.

Priebus, you would think, believes this even more strongly about a president whose enterprises might reap direct profits for himself or members of his family from foreign businesses or governments. Priebus must thus be hard at work right now on a plan for Trump to sell off his assets.

Truth no longer matters. It's all about your team. Priebus is on Trump's team, as are the rest of these Republicans, so Trump is held to a different standard.