In my previous post about my morning routine, I said my ability to stick to it when I'm not home varied. I'd like to update that and say that on my trip to Victoria for our MetaLab Summer Summit last week my routine completely fell apart.

Fortunately, I don't think it was a failure of the routine, and more a failure of my own. I just wasn't intentional about keeping it up and making sure it was important enough to attend to every day. I don't think I realized just how important that structure was, because without it everything feels completely out of order and I feel so unproductive. So I'm already thinking about how I can handle it better the next time I travel, and it will mostly involve being intentional and having a plan for how to adjust my routine to the new location rather than just playing it by ear.

The next big test or change for my routine comes in about two months when Charleston comes into the world. No doubt I'm in for big changes and will have to make some more adjustments for her.