A 3-post collection

When Apple announced the new phones, I was positive I was going to wait and get an iPhone X. But then my wife's iPhone 8 Plus arrived and gosh that camera. And then rumors about bad supply for the iPhone X continued to bubble up. Finally I caved and ran over to the Apple Store to grab an 8 Plus.

Annnnd it took me less than 48 hours to remember that the Plus phones are just too big for me. I hate trying to hold those things. So yesterday I returned it and I will wait it out for an iPhone X.

Sadly since I was on the Apple Upgrade Program, I'm now without a modern iPhone. I'm rolling with an old iPhone 5C and oh my gosh this thing feels great in my hand, but also oh my gosh it's SO SLOW.

I'm officially obsessed with the idea of building an office like this

According to Recode, Apple may be working on launching it's own peer to peer payment service. Yes please.

Maybe then my friends will stop complaining that I only have Square Cash and that eeeeveryone they know uses Venmo.