Jun 21st11am

John Ward was the voice of my childhood. So many memories inextricably linked to his voice. His “No. Sir. Ree. Pandemonium reigns” will forever be the most iconic to me.

RIP John Ward

Jun 20th12pm

I mean it sort of goes without saying, but needs to be said anyways. The leaders of this country are garbage people.

But what remains the most horrifying part is we elected them. They are in some way a representation of what a large number of people asked for.

Jun 20th8am

My best memories of Tennessee basketball will forever be Chris Lofton. My favorite player of all time and it’s not even close. Still bums me out that he never caught on in the NBA. Great to see he’s still getting it done at 32.

Jun 19th8pm

Our 9 month old is in the midst of a sleep regression and it is not fun 😭

Jun 18th8pm
Charlie: Pake. Pake. Pake
Me: Pake?
*I furrow my brow confused*
Charlie: Don’t be mad. I’m just saying pake