Sep 21st12pm

If I plug my phone in AND put it on an inductive charger, do I get double the charge? 🔌

Sep 21st8am

I love how much Pats fans hate the pass to the QB now being called the Philly Special.

If your QB hadn’t dropped it maybe they’d have named it after you 🤷‍♂️

Sep 18th12pm

People who make coffee tumblers need to be more sensitive to us folks with large noses. Having your nose plug the air hole is a frustrating experience 👃

Sep 14th2pm

Egg Freckles:

The iPhone SE kept me invested in the iOS ecosystem, and enabled me to purchase a Apple Watch without approaching the ~$700 iPhone ASP I normally attribute to laptop computers. Now that an updated iPhone SE is no longer an option, I am evaluating alternative cell phone platforms. I am sure I am not alone.

While I get this feeling. And I'm super annoyed by the size of iPhone's these days. The superiority of the OS is still way more important and there's no way I'd go anywhere else. I did consider just not getting a new phone this year though…

Sep 14th1pm

I'm totally paying the premium for the XS instead of the XR only because it's smaller. I’d pay the XS price for the XR specs in the smaller form factor 🤷‍♂️