Marco Arment:

The idea of the patent system is sold to gullible people as a necessary protector of small inventors — which is a nice fairy tale, and nothing more — and it reinforces the destructive but all-too-common fallacy that great ideas are rare, novel, unique, and immediately so valuable that simply having a great idea will suddenly cause somebody, somewhere, somehow to make you rich and you’ll never have any problems again.

We therefore value ideas above their execution, and that’s exactly how the patent system is designed, despite history showing that good execution is far more important and provides far more value to society in almost every instance regardless of who filed the first patent on the underlying idea. (Not to mention the value to society of a vibrant market of diverse, competing alternatives.)

Like most laws and policies that chiefly benefit lawyers and big business, our voters, lobbyists, and politicians will keep supporting the patent fairy tale indefinitely as the rest of us get taxed, shaken down, or bankrupted by its reality.

Beautiful game. Beautiful sound. Incredibly inventive gameplay. It doesn’t take long to beat, but I can’t tell you how many times I said “WOW THAT’S SO COOL” while playing. Absolutely worth the small price.

Sounds like my experience selling on Amazon. A shipping mishap (USPS paid on my insurance because they lost the item) and an unappeasable customer left me banned forever.

Really fascinating. Kudos to Chris Coyier for having the patience to sit down and have this conversation.

It’s really terrifying what people can do to you on the internet, and how frequently the weaknesses come from people at the companies you trust your information to. It’s ridiculous that someone can call in, say the right piece of software’s name, and get your social security number. There have to be more thorough security measures for these companies spreading this information, even from one employee to another.

I was really thrilled when I saw Chris was appearing on The Moment. Firstly, because it has become one of my favorite podcasts. Brian Koppelman talks to people through the lens of some moment in their lives. Some make or break point in time that really changes their path.

Also, because Chris Fowler is one of my favorite people on TV with the most incredible job. He gets to travel to the best football games and follow the great tennis players around the world. And covers them all so well.

I’ve got several links and a few things to say about the Vols advancing to the Sweet 16. First off, I’m pumped. These players have all worked hard and deserve it. I loved seeing the energy we saw from Cuonzo Martin. I feel like we know him a little better.

Here’s a bit from an open letter to Cuonzo Martin:

We were blind to the type of leader you are. We were blind to the love your players have for you. We ignored the quiet work you do in the community—work you do because you care, not because you want to draw attention to yourself. We were blind to your growth as a coach and to your potential.

Yet, here you are in the Sweet 16 leading a team that might be the best story of the tournament. Here you are leading a group of young men who blocked out all our chatter, backed you, and embraced your coaching. You deserve a tremendous amount of credit for keeping this team together. Many coaches would have lost them when the criticism reached deafening levels, but not you. Instead, you got them playing together at just the right time.

This is great stuff and it’s absolutely true. I was someone who was salivating over the idea of Bruce Pearl coming back. It wasn’t really fair to Cuonzo Martin.

Here are some thoughts from Tennessee Sports Radio:

Before this season, Martin had never led the Vols to the NCAA Tournament. That’s a fail, folks, and one need look no further than to Bruce Pearl’s six-year tenure as the Vols’ head coach for confirmation of such. A stretch during which the Tennessee Volunteers punched their ticket to the dance every single season. Three times they danced all the way to the Sweet 16, one of those tangos evolving into the program’s first and only Elite 8 appearance ever. Thanks to Bruce Pearl, NCAA Tournament appearances are now expected in Knoxville. And rightly so.

Which is why Cuonzo Martin came under ever increasing scrutiny this season. For he entered it 0-2 in the only stat that mattered. NCAA Tournament berths…

Therefore, many in Vol Nation believed Cuonzo Martin was a horrible coach. Bruce Pearl was a great one whose show-cause was just about to end. So 36,000 members of Vol Nation signed on the dotted virtual line and made it official. Time for the great coach to replace the horrible one.

The only problem with that is that Cuonzo Martin isn’t a horrible coach. Don’t get me wrong. He certainly hadn’t proven he was a great one. Not by any stretch. A great coach doesn’t put forth a team which underachieves as often as Martin’s team did this year. But calling Martin a horrible coach isn’t accurate, either. A horrible coach doesn’t win 60-plus games in three seasons. A horrible coach doesn’t land five-star recruits like Robert Hubbs III. A horrible coach doesn’t keep a team together when 36,000 fans have officially called for his head.

This team looked very different a month ago. There wasn’t much they’d done to give us reason to expect they would play like this. Not consistently. I don’t think at that time you were wrong to think, maybe it’s time for a change back to Bruce Pearl. But this is why you wait until the end of the season to make decisions like this.

I also have confess to being swayed by the show that is Bruce Pearl. He’s enthusiastic. He paints his chest. He makes jokes about bacon. He promises to kick Florida’s ass, and delivers.

Cuonzo is a quiet guy. He doesn’t say more than he needs to. And I absolutely faulted him for that which is unfair. You don’t have to make a show of yourself to be a great coach (see: pretty much every other great coach). And we’ve always known he’s a great man. That’s why we followed up a coach who made questionable decisions with him.

Cuonzo still has a lot to prove. But he’s at the very least proven he can make a sweet 16. He’s got a good chance to do more than that. He’s going to have a challenge ahead next year, but he’s earned the security to show us what else he has up his sleeve.

While most will be filling out their bracket the old fashioned way, closing your eyes and pointing a finger. But, I like to make my decisions based on mascots. Now this isn’t your run of the mill Which mascot would win in a fight contest. I will, in a 100% subjective manner, decide which mascot is cooler. Let’s not dally any longer…

First Round


(1) Florida Gators v. (16) Albany Great Danes - I give a lot of respect to straying from the typical dog breed. The only better breed Albany could have chosen was the Saint Bernard. Winner: Albany

(8) Colorado Buffaloes v. (9) Pittsburgh Panthers - No one is winning any games with a mascot like “Panthers”. Unless they’re playing another team with the same mascot and I like them better than that team. Winner: Colorado

(5) VCU Rams v. (12) Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks - Come on. Winner: SF Austin

(4) UCLA Bruins v. (13) Tulsa Golden Hurricane - UCLA gets credit for being Bears without actually calling themselves bears. Plus Bears are to be feared. And there’s nothing cool about hurricanes. Winner: UCLA

(6) Ohio State Buckeyes v. (11) Dayton Flyers - When I hear the Flyers nickname, all I can think of is the Sandlot. And that’s a win. Winner: Dayton

(3) Syracuse Orange v. (14) Western Michigan Broncos - There’s nothing cool about Broncos right now. Winner: Syracuse

(7) New Mexico Lobos v. (10) Stanford Cardinal - I don’t know what a Lobo is, but Cardinal? Singular? And the tree? Winner: New Mexico

(2) Kansas Jayhawks v. (15) E. Kentucky Colonels - Military mascots are cool. Birds are not. Winner: EKU


(1) Virgina Cavaliers v. (16) Coastal Carolina Chanticleers - Yeah. This goes against previous logic, but I can’t stop saying Chanticleer. Winner: Coastal Carolina

(8) Memphis Tigers v. (9) George Washington Colonials - Tigers don’t win. Plus, Memphis. Winner: George Washington

(5) Cincinnati Bearcats v. (12) Harvard Crimson - I have a soft spot in my heart for things that are half bear and half cat. Winner: Cincinnati

(4) Michigan State Spartans v. (13) Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens - Maybe if they were regular hens. But Blue hens? No. Winner: Michigan State

(6) North Carolina Tar Heels v. (11) Providence Friars - You just don’t mess with God. Winner: Providence

(3) Iowa State Cyclones v. (14) NC Central Eagles - Fly Eagles Fly. Also, once again, weather patterns aren’t cutting it. Winner: NC Central

(7) Connecticut Huskies v. (10) St. Joe’s Hawks - Weak first round matchup. I wish I could pick neither. But I really do like actual huskies. Winner: Connecticut

(2) Villanova Wildcats v. (15) Milwaukee Panthers - Another bad first round matchup. I’m picking based on my desire for this bracket to not suck. Winner: Villanova


(1) Arizona Wildcats v. (16) Weber State Wildcats - One of two all wildcat match ups. What a bummer. Winner: Arizona

(8) Gonzaga Bulldogs v. (9) Oklahoma State Cowboys - I hate the Cowboys. Winner: Gonzaga

(5) Oklahoma Sooners v. (12) ND State Bison - There’s just something cool about Bison. Winner: ND State

(4) San Diego State Aztecs v. (13) New Mexico State Aggies - There are too many Aggies and not enough Aztecs in college sports. Winner: San Diego State

(5) Baylor Bears v. (12) Nebraska Cornhuskers - See previous matchup with a bear related mascot. Winner: Baylor

(3) Creighton Blue Jays v. (14) LA-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns - This one isn’t even close. Cajuns, when they’re a-ragin’ can’t be beat. Winner: LA-Lafayette

(7) Oregon Ducks v. (10) BYU Cougars - Puddles Winner: Oregon

(2) Wisconsin Badgers v. (15) American Eagles - I’m tempted not to give American a pass. Their full name sounds a bit… douchey. But… Eagles. Winner: American


(1) Wichita State Shockers v. (16) Cal Poly Mustangs - Their mascot is the SHOCKERS. Winner: Wichita State

(8) Kentucky Wildcats v. (9) Kansas State Wildcats - Another crummy wildcat matchup. I’ll never pick John Calipari. Winner: Kansas State

(5) St. Louis Bilikens v. (12) NC State Wolfpack - I’m concerned about the repercussions of picking against the Biliken. Winner: St. Louis

(4) Louisville Cardinals v. (13) Manhattan Jaspers - I don’t know what a Jasper is, but it has to beat a Cardinal. Winner: Manhattan

(6) UMass Minutemen v. (11) Tennessee Volunteers - It’s hard to pick against the Minutemen. But… Volunteers? They do it for free. I’m COMPLETELY objective here. Winner: Tennessee

(3) Duke Blue Devils v. (14) Mercer Bears - THERE ARE A LOT OF BEARS IN THIS TOURNAMENT. Winner: Mercer

(7) Texas Longhorns v. (10) Arizona State Sun Devils - Not a fan of the longhorns, but I can’t pick devils. Winner: Texas

(2) Michigan Wolverines v. (15) Wofford Terriers - This is an example of picking an alternate dog, and going the wrong way. Winner: Michigan