I’ve been using the Bullet Journal method for managing my tasks and notes. As much as I want a digital, cloud based task manager to be my go to, there’s just something about putting a pen to paper that sticks better with me. I suspect it has to do with growing up in a world where I had to write something down to record it.

I’d like to use it more to record thoughts, so that I could write more and better. I often find that the little nugget that was in my head disappears so quickly into an abyss of thoughts and memories.

Chris Bowler:

Take time to read, re-read, and meditate on this piece of human thought you’ve chosen to ingest. Truly ingest it; if it resonates with you, allow it to change you. This is what I want to do with Scripture, but also any topic that I enjoy; web design, typography, woodworking … you name it.

This is great stuff in regards to scripture reading and all other reading. With both I tend to find myself reading to get it done. I don’t take time and really think about what I’m reading. I just want to quickly absorb the facts. It translates straight into my writing here as well. I see a thing I want to share and I just share it without any thoughtful commentary.

If you aren’t listening to John Hodgman’s podcast, you’re really missing out. Basically he acts as judge in an argument between couples, friends, and families. They present their cases and he rules. Hilarious.

In this particularly hilarious episode, a couple debates whether they need to add air conditioning to their apartment in Berlin. We learn about Germans’ fear of drafts and the wonder that is the Tropical Islands Resort.

Defending ourselves is always easier than listening to difficult truths.

Accurate. It’s the natural reaction and it’s so incredibly destructive.

Chris Bowler:

the truth is, you (and I) can adopt a servant leader mentality no matter what position we’re in. Doing everything you can to ensure your coworkers succeed is the best habit we can all adopt. You may not be setting the vision for your company or assigning work, but you can put energy into making your teammates the best they can be.

Some great advice on leadership.

Whenever I fret and flail (frequently) while trying to create thing, I say to myself “Someone has to be the shittiest writer in the world but while there are people who still get paid to make up horoscopes, it won’t be me.” Then I write.