Dec 11th12pm

The Ringer’s Favorite Sports Moments of 2018

The greatest sports moment of the year? I’ll be honest: The competition was stiff, and I had to think long and hard. But what sticks out the most is the way Eagles fans went nuts for backup QB Nick Foles after he led their team’s season to an intense climax. Carson Wentz’s ACL injury had thrust Foles into the spotlight, and fans worried that a promising 10-1 start would leave them riled up and disappointed. Nobody knew whether Foles could rise to the occasion. But then he grew into a hugely important member of this story. Foles rammed past the Patriots defense, determined to leave Philadelphia feeling satisfied. And it was heartwarming to see Eagles fans so pumped up. Even though Wentz is back, I hope Philly remembers what a versatile package Foles offers. He doesn’t deserve the shaft.

👏 Kate Knibbs

Dec 11th12pm


but Russia is fine. No condemnation for Russia because they've done absolutely nothing. I mean those hackers could be from anywhere. who really knows 🤷‍♂️

Dec 11th10am

I continue to be fascinated by the chats happening on these train videos.

Does anyone know anything about this? Why are people using these videos for seemingly unrelated chats? Skirting a firewall?