David Cain

It’s not painful unless you insist you should already be better at it than you are.

This quote is the story of SO much of the struggle in my life

One of the most insane things to me is the Trump administration's total inability to differentiate between the basically confirmed Russian hacking and the possible collusion. You'd think they'd at least TRY to look like they were wanting to fix this.

The folks who run the Knoxville Horror Film Festival are opening up a movie theater in the Happy Holler.

Instead of the latest blockbuster or arthouse fare, our programming will focus heavily on what are called “repertory” films, highlighting classics from every era. This means edgy midnight movies, family matinees, themed film series, high-demand audience favorites, niche reissues or even creative counter-programming to current box office contenders. And contemporary film buffs can be assured we also plan to book the sort of current-release independent, foreign and documentary films that might otherwise go un-shown in the area.

I could not be more excited about this. Lauren and I spent one Halloween at an independent theater in Orlando and had a blast.

I'm a particularly big fan of this Christmastime Ad they've mocked up. If you want to bring a nice little independent theater to Old North Knoxville, head on over the their GoFundMe page and toss some money their way.