Feb 21st5pm

I’ve been on a big Something Corporate kick this week 🤷‍♂️

Feb 18th6pm

Alexa is insisting on playing the Japanese version of the Frozen soundtrack for my daughter. She’s unhappy…

Feb 18th6pm

This is sort of a bummer. I dont really want to give Google my credit card information.

Feb 18th2pm

I’m sure there’s a reason it makes perfect sense that titleForHeaderInSection is in UITableViewDataSource yet viewForHeaderInSection is in UITableViewDelegate

I just don’t know that reason

Feb 17th11am

Random dunk contest thought.

Not giving the first dunker a 50 because they went first isn’t penalizing them nearly as much is giving them a 50 penalizes the second one. You’re saying no matter what the second dunker can’t have a better dunk. Which is nonsense