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  • I've started designing a custom iOS app for my Home Assistant server. I was trying to use SwiftUI but really struggling with it. I'm switching up to using UIKit and Combine. I may pepper in some SwiftUI eventually. Actually I've gone back to SwiftUI.I'm also giving Point Free's Swift Composable Architecture a look I'm building with my own Redux store that's similar to something we're using at Pilot.
  • I've set up a site for Three Things Weekly. It's not ready but it is operational and you can sign up there.

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πŸ“– The Elements of Style
πŸ“– Remote: Office Not Required
πŸ“– The Ego is the Enemy
πŸ“– Foundryside
πŸ“– The Golden Compass
πŸ“– Nemesis Games
πŸ“– Saga: Volume 9
πŸ“– Saga: Volume 8
πŸ“– Saga: Volume 7
πŸ“– Saga: Volume 6
πŸ“– Saga: Volume 5
πŸ“– Saga: Volume 4
πŸ“– Saga: Volume 3
πŸ“– Saga: Volume 2
πŸ“– The Three-Body Problem
🎧 Atomic Habits
πŸ“– Saga: Volume 1
🎧 Dark Disciple
πŸ“– The Obstacle is the Way
🎧 Dune
πŸ“– I'll Be Gone in the Dark
🎧 Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel
πŸ“– Cibola Burn
πŸ“– The Name of the Wind

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