This page is where you can get an update on what things are happening in my life currently. What books I'm reading and projects I'm working on. Unfortunately I accidentally clobbered the updated version of this #gitfail so it's a little sparse at the moment

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You, Only Better
Leviathan Wakes
The Power
Lincoln's Last Trial

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Currently working on
- You may notice a bit of a tweak in the design here. My bad merge borked up some of the design on the site which I had to fix. I took the opportunity to improve some mobile styles and switch to a monospace font.
- Outshape is constantly in progress. Or so I think but progress lately has been nonexistent. And the lack of success in the App Store has me questioning it's future...
- I've started work on a new game which I'm really excited about. I'm using the opportunity to learn more illustration, pixel art, and Unity to build the game. I've found the Brackey's channel on Youtube to be a great resource.
- My job hunt should be wrapped up in the next week so thats good news.
- I'm thinking of bringing back my Three Things Weekly newsletter...