Updated: January 2, 2019

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Kitchen Island - I’ve been building an island for our kitchen for the past month or two. I’d really like to get it finished. The cabinets have been attached to the floor with 2x4’s and liquid nails and to each other with cabinet screws. The butcher block top has been finished with Tung Oil. The backside of the island is now covered in 1x6's that will soon be painted white. I just need to add some trim and attach the countertop.

Spice Shelves - I’ve cut up a few pieces of butcher block to use as spice shelves. Two of the shelves have been sanded and finished and are ready to go up. The others need a little bit of extra sawing to get some nasty edges off.

Outshape - I haven’t touched it in several months honestly. I’m not sure it will ever see another update. It just never gained any real traction that made me think it was worth investing more of my time in. And with a 3 and 1 year old, my time is more scarce than ever.

Other bits and bobs

I'm trying to do some yearly planning. I really want to pick a word for my year. I don't know, maybe it's dumb but I think it will be helpful to be intentional. I'm also thinking about moving back into a more bullet journal-y method.

I've been doing yoga every morning. Partly for relaxation, partly for flexibility. I'm hoping it will help prevent my shoulder/back pain from getting bad again.