Currently working on

  • I've shut down the Outshape servers. Outshape is no more. I need to just update the Outshape/One Hundred Ten website to reflect that
  • I've started designing a custom iOS app for my Home Assistant server. I'm gonna use it as an excuse to play with SwiftUI
  • I've got a design and template ready for the Three Things Weekly newsletter's return. But I don't have enough things. And I'm worried about having enough time to collect them and do what I want with them.
  • I'm looking into the idea of starting an urban farm/co-op in the big field behind our house. I'm fleshing out goals and trying figure out if it's possible and if I can get the neighborhood association in on getting the land.

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Read This Year

🎧 Aftermath: Life Debt
πŸ“– Dark Force Rising
🎧 Heir to the Empire
🎧 The Girl Who Played With Fire
πŸ“– The Hate U Give
🎧 The Gunslinger
🎧 Where the Crawdads Sing
πŸ“– Life of the Beloved
🎧 Ready Player One
🎧 The Princess Diarist
πŸ“– The Moment of Lift
🎧 The Underground Railroad
πŸ“– Abaddon's Gate
🎧 The Rise & Fall of the Dinosaurs
πŸ“– Caliban's War
🎧 Small Fry
πŸ“– A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
πŸ“– The Next Right Thing
πŸ“– Steal Like an Artist
πŸ“– Less
πŸ“– You, Only Better
πŸ“– Leviathan Wakes
πŸ“– The Power
πŸ“– Lincoln's Last Trial
πŸ“– I'm Fine and Neither Are You

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