Currently working on

  • I've started designing a custom iOS app for my Home Assistant server. I'm gonna use it as an excuse to play with SwiftUI
  • I've got a design and template ready for the Three Things Weekly newsletter's return. But I don't have enough things. And I'm worried about having enough time to collect them and do what I want with them.
  • I'm looking into the idea of starting an urban farm/co-op in the big field behind our house. I'm fleshing out goals and trying figure out if it's possible and if I can get the neighborhood association in on getting the land.

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Read This Year

🎧 Dark Disciple
πŸ“– The Obstacle is the Way
🎧 Dune
πŸ“– I'll Be Gone in the Dark
🎧 Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel
πŸ“– Cibola Burn
πŸ“– The Name of the Wind

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