This page is where you can get an update on what things are happening in my life currently. What books I'm reading and projects I'm working on. Unfortunately I accidentally clobbered the updated version of this #gitfail so it's a little sparse at the moment

Currently Reading
Leviathan Wakes

Recently Read
The Power
Lincoln's Last Trial

Currently working on

  • Outshape is constantly in progress. Or so I think but progress lately has been nonexistent. And the lack of success in the App Store has me questioning it's future...
  • I've moved my blog off of Ghost. The editor was mostly garbage and they didn't have an iOS app. And it was sucking resources on my server. Now it's just a statically generated site. I've added support for posting and I also have a few Workflows for pushing posts from whatever app I want on my phone. I'm thinking about refactoring the Ghost client I was writing to support my site, but I'm not sure it would be worth the time...