Andrew Thaler

Which is why, when I talk about Climate Change, I don’t talk about science.

When I talk about Climate Change, I talk about Fishing.

The depressing truth that people ignore the science of climate change and the stories of it's effect may be the only effect strategy for changing minds. Sadly, by the time there are enough stories to convince enough people to make a difference, it may be too late (if it isn't already).

via Jason Kottke

My 2017 Podcasts

Continuing the series of my favorite things heading into 2017, here's a list of the podcasts I'm listening to. Listing all of these made me aware that somehow in the past few months I'd become unsubscribed from How Did This Get Made. I've got some catching up to do.


Hello from the Magic Tavern | Feed | Website
A fictional improv podcast about a guy who fell through a portal behind a Burger King and was transported to the magical land of Foon. Remember, it's not real.

Dead Pilots Society | Feed | Website
They take pilots that have never seen the light of day, and get actors to act them out. Fantastic. John Hodgman's is so delightfully Hodgman.

Do By Friday | Feed | Website
The spiritual replacement for Top Scallops. Now, instead of pretending to talk about Top Chef, they talk about a task they've assigned themselves for the week.

The Flop House | Feed | Website
Three funny guys get together and talk about a bad movie. Never fails to make me laugh.

Roderick on the Line | Feed | Website
Merlin Mann and John Roderick talking can either make me laugh or depressed. And it's nice to to have that variety.

The Rest

99% Invisible | Feed | Website
Judge John Hodgman | Feed | Website
5by5 at the Movies | Feed | Website
Electric Shadow | Feed | Website
The Tim Ferriss Show | Feed | Website
Top Four | Feed | Website
Myke at the Movies | Feed | Website
The Ringer NFL Show | Feed | Website
The Sporkful | Feed | Website
Back to Work | Feed | Website
The Tennis Podcast | Feed | Website
Just The Tip | Feed | Website
The Moment with Brian Koppelman | Feed | Website
Review | Feed | Website
The Talk Show With John Gruber | Feed | Website
Remaster | Feed | Website
The Ringer NBA Show | Feed | Website
Core Intuition | Feed | Website
Hypercritical | Feed | Website
Star Wars Minute | Feed | Website
Revisionist History | Feed | Website
1947: The Meet the Press Podcast | Feed | Website
Stuff You Missed in History Class | Feed | Website
Ringer University | Feed | Website
Cortex | Feed | Website
Shawn Today | Feed | Website
Top Scallops | Feed | Website
Pod4Ham - a podcast about the musical Hamilton | Feed | Website
Presentable | Feed | Website
Debug | Feed | Website
Stuff You Should Know | Feed | Website
The Solid Verbal: Living College Football | Feed | Website
One Bad Mother | Feed | Website
Upgrade | Feed | Website
Lore | Feed | Website
Liftoff | Feed | Website
Under the Radar | Feed | Website
The Watch | Feed | Website - Podcast | Feed | Website
Shutdown Fullcast | Feed | Website
Song Exploder | Feed | Website
Exponent | Feed | Website
Road Work | Feed | Website
Unjustly Maligned | Feed | Website
The Bill Simmons Podcast | Feed | Website
Accidental Tech Podcast | Feed | Website
The West Wing Weekly | Feed | Website
Hello Internet | Feed | Website
Connected | Feed | Website
Analog(ue) | Feed | Website
Serial | Feed | Website
Quit with After Dark Post-Shows | Feed | Website
Reconcilable Differences | Feed | Website
Mixed Feelings | Feed | Website
Keepin' it 1600 | Feed | Website

Dispatch from the land without sugar. I saw some peppermint Hershey's kisses under the couch today. They looked so appetizing. This might just end up being difficult.

Yesterday Lauren and I started Whole 30. Okay Lauren is doing it for real and I'm cheating slightly by allowing myself to have Soylent for lunch and/or breakfast. It's cheating, but I still think it's within the spirit of Whole 30 which includes a lot of examining your relationship with food.

Anyways we're two days in and it's mostly been an easy two days. My breakfast and lunch hasn't changed much. Our dinner required some tweaks, but Cooksmarts includes a paleo option which gets the recipe very close to Whole 30. Just had to replace honey with fruit juice.

The biggest challenge so far is morning coffee. Normally I have something resembling a latte I make at home. I've tried steaming coconut "beverage" from Trader Joe's and the results with that were pretty watery. Lauren got me some proper coconut milk to try and it steams up much nicer and much thicker. I'm interested to see how it works tomorrow once it's been properly refrigerated.

As I do every year at this time, I wanted to share all the things I'm currently reading/listening to/digging at the end of 2016 and heading into 2017. Today, I wanted to share the list of blogs I'm following this year...


Daring Fireball | Link | RSS
The go to for all things Apple, Bond, Star Wars, and Kubrick. I don't always agree with John Gruber, but I always read. | Link | RSS
Chris is a thoughtful, intelligent Christian in tech. A man after my own heart.

The Ringer | Link | RSS
I could do with a bit less post volume from the Ringer, but there are some gems on Bill Simmons' website. Just have to sift through a lot of stuff I don't care about.

Freshome | Link | RSS
Satisfies my lust for architecture and interior design. Frequently makes me depressed about the size and style of my home. My guilty pleasure.

Tools and Toys | Link | RSS
A nicely curated selection of things. I say nicely curated because they don't post 5-10 things a day. They're selective and it works. I pay attention when they recommend something.

The Rest | Link | RSS | Link | RSS
Manton Reece | Link | RSS
Rands in Repose | Link | RSS
Raptitude | Link | RSS
The Wirecutter | Link | RSS
Pixel Envy | Link | RSS
House*Tweaking | Link | RSS
Sportsgeekonomics | Link | RSS
Cabin Porn™ | Link | RSS
Remodelista | Link | RSS
Be More with Less | Link | RSS
Remodelaholic | Link | RSS
Unsplash | Link | RSS
Rocky Top Talk | Link | RSS
Get Rich Slowly - Personal Finance That Makes Sense. | Link | RSS
512 Pixels | Link | RSS
Local Milk | Link | RSS
The Sweet Setup | Link | RSS
Andrew Alexander Price | Link | RSS
Minimal Desks - Simple workspaces, interior design | Link | RSS
Bourbon & Tradition | Link | RSS
The Cramped | Link | RSS
Liss is More | Link | RSS
Mr. Money Mustache | Link | RSS
GitLab | Link | RSS
The Newsprint | Link | RSS
Analog Senses | Link | RSS
Chris Brakebill | Link | RSS
FastMail Blog | Link | RSS | Link | RSS
Kitbashed | Link | RSS
Jamie Cullum | Link | RSS
MacStories | Link | RSS
thaterikperson | Link | RSS
McMansion Hell | Link | RSS
The Rundown | Link | RSS
Analog Senses | Link | RSS

Email Lists | Link
The Wirecutter | Link
HTML5 Weekly | Link
My Morning Routine | Link
Web Operations Weekly | Link
Dave Verwer | Link
JavaScript Weekly | Link
Hacker Newsletter | Link
Buster + Punch | Link
Charged Weekly | Link
Ryan Holiday | Link | Link
Kevin Rose | Link
Houzz | Link
The Modern Desk | Link
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